VISION: A Plentiful Supply of Potable Water (PSPW) for generations to come through the implementation of Water Management Programs incorporating Efficient Irrigation Systems for Residential and Commercial Landscapes!

MISSION: MMII understands about 50% of the Potable water used in the U.S. is used by residential, commercial and agriculture irrigation.  Responsible, “water managed” irrigation currently produces grown food products in agriculture irrigation, and generates beautiful landscapes properties for residential and commercial properties.  On average it takes about 140 Billion Gallons of Water per Day to accomplish this in the U.S.

In the last 10 years the irrigation industry through the use of greatly improved products, and in conjunction with professional irrigators have reduced the consumption of potable water in the U.S. by almost 10%! 

Even though this is excellent news, recent studies by the universities of Texas A&M and USC have found that most residential and light commercial properties sprinkler systems OVERWATER by a factor of between 200% and 300%.

The mission of MMII is to provide residential and commercial property owners the ability to address the OVERWATER issue while maintaining a beautiful landscape, saving BOTH WATER AND MONEY! 

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